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  • Become a Procurify expert

    Watch videos demonstrating how to set up and use Procurify, take quizzes, and complete tasks to get a complete education on everything Procurify.

  • Self led training

    Scheduling time slots that works for everyone is hard. Independent training allows everyone to complete the training at their own pace without schedule conflicts slowing you down.

  • Better education leads to better results

    Users that fully understand how to get the most value out of their tools leads to better adoption, higher quality use, and in turn, amazing results for them, and their company.

Course curriculum

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  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • Welcome to Liftoff!
    • Introduction Video
    • Why Procurify?
  • 2
    Module 1 - Introduction to Procurify (15 Minutes)
    • Module 1 - Learning Objectives
    • Request to Bill Process in Procurify
    • Lesson 1.0 - Procurify Dashboard Overview (4:05)
    • Lesson 1.1 - Changing Notifications & Approvals Delegations in Procurify (2:09)
    • Lesson 1.2 Messages & Communications in Procurify (4:44)
  • 3
    Course Recap
    • Key Module Takeaways
    • What's Next?
    • Final Course Feedback

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